Hi! I’m Kate.

I have written several consumer-level computer books. More recent titles include iPod and iTunes Visual Quick Tips (John Wiley & Sons), iPhone Visual Quick Tips (John Wiley & Sons), Internet Visual Quick Tips (John Wiley & Sons), Windows 7 Digital Classroom (John Wiley & Sons), and Teach Yourself Visually Microsoft Office 2010 (John Wiley & Sons), and Laptops Simplified.

Additionally, as an award-winning sports writer, I have covered such events such as the ATP Tour’s RCA Championships and the United States Grand Prix, and have written feature stories about sports figures including Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James. In addition, I collaborated with Mike Agassi, father of Andre Agassi, on the book Betting the House: The Agassi Story (ECW Press). In recent years, I’ve enjoyed covering various IndyCar races as both a writer and a photographer.

Recent, non-sports-related titles include Not Your Mama’s Beading, Not Your Mama’s Stitching, Rubbish: Reuse Your Refuse, The Webster’s New World English Grammar Handbook (John Wiley & Sons), Starting An Etsy Business for Dummies, and Business Gamification for Dummies. In recent years, I have expanded my business to also handle various corporate-writing tasks, including developing copy for company Web sites and other marketing materials as well as composing a corporate history for a large, multinational corporation. On top of all that, I control a thriving business providing copy- and development-editing services as well as editorial consulting for several book publishers.

Interested in collaborating? Send me an email! You can reach me at kateshoup@live.com.

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